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The Under $2500 Mountain Bikes

We examined the best trail blazing bicycles under $2500 and we purchased and tried the best 8 models available. Obviously, you can purchase an off-road bicycle that expenses as much as a pleasant utilized auto, yet nowadays there are many finished off-road bicycles that don't expect you to contract your home to manage the cost of them. As of late, higher-end innovation has been streaming down and these days it's normal to discover bicycles in this value go that are as shred-commendable as their higher evaluated rivals. You can hope to discover current geometry, 1x drivetrains, dropper seatposts, and tubeless tires on basically these bicycles. Through the span of several hours and a large number of miles of riding, our group of analyzers took these bicycles as far as possible while examining each part of their outline, construct, and execution. Our discoveries are displayed here as complete near audits to enable you to locate the best trail blazing bicycle under $2500. Obviously, in case you're willing to spend somewhat more on an off-road bicycle there are heaps of awesome choices out there, look at our best trail off-road bicycles of 2018 survey for some higher-end choices.

Think about Top Products

This mid year we added three new contenders to the blend in our continuous exertion to locate the Best Mountain Bikes Under $2500. We found another Best Buy Award champ in the Giant Trance 3 2019, a skilled and forceful trail bicycle that retails for under $2,000. We likewise found the Kona Hei Trail, a fun and fun loving all-arounder that won our Top Pick for XC Trail Riding Award. The Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 stays as our Editor's Choice Award champ and is apparently in its very own class.

Best Overall Mountain Bike Under $2500

Ravine Spectral AL 6.0 2018

The Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 has effortlessly got the best form to esteem apportion we've ever seen. Editors' Choice Award

$2,399 List

Rundown Price

See It

sure dropping aptitudes

responsive dealing with

phenomenal cost to execution proportion

awesome all-around execution

poor back center particular

tall head tube makes high front end

The Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 is an able forceful trail bicycle and an exceptional esteem, procuring it our Editor's Choice Award. This bicycle was made to assault the downhills, with a husky form and dynamic geometry that can take whatever you or the trail can dispense. It is similarly at home handling soaks and rough tech as it is riding smooth and flowy areas of trail. The Spectral AL 6.0 isn't only great at diving, it's sensibly lightweight and ended up being a dependable and productive climber. The part particular is a standout amongst the most great parts of this bicycle, with a fabricate pack to value proportion that is genuinely momentous. The Spectral's shred-capacity is on account of this amazing form, with a heavy RockShox Pike fork and Super Deluxe RT raise stun dealing with the suspension, a SRAM GX Eagle 1x12 speed drivetrain, ground-breaking SRAM Guide R brakes, and substantial 2.6" Maxxis tires. Out of the container, this bicycle is more or less great this value run.

To be completely forthright, analyzers discovered little they didn't care for about this bicycle, particularly at the cost. In the event that we need to discover blame with it, analyzers weren't wild about the tall front end of the Spectral AL 6.0, guaranteeing it at times felt cumbersome both while plunging and climbing. The back center spec'd on the Spectral additionally was anything but a top choice, with a perceptible slack in commitment. So, the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 is by a wide margin the most skilled forceful trail bicycle we've ever tried at this value point and an incredible decision for the forceful rider on a financial plan.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Goliath Trance 3 2019

Best Buy Award

$1,950 List

Rundown Price

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Maestro suspension


Husky tire particular

Stable at speed

feels overwhelming

10-speed drivetrain

Suntour fork is trap to tune

With a retail cost of just $1,950, the Giant Trance 3 2019 is a flexible and forceful trail bicycle that is the victor of our Best Buy Award. Analyzers observed this moderate bicycle to be a shockingly skilled and certainty rousing descender on an assortment of landscape and at a scope of rates. With a slack head tube edge, a forceful inclination front end, and open agreeable cockpit, this bicycle can keep it smooth or get as forceful as you need. Its moderate wheelbase and achieve make for a generally short turning span and speedy taking care of both while climbing and plummeting. On the trips, the Trance gives a happy with climbing position and its Maestro suspension configuration makes a proficient accelerating stage particularly when situated. The part determination of the Trance 3 won't knock some people's socks off, yet this bicycle is trail commendable straight out of the container, particularly at the cost.

The Trance 3 is without a doubt an incredible choice at the cost, yet it is a long way from great. At 31.8 lbs, this bicycle feels somewhat overwhelming and has a fairly dormant inclination now and again on the trail. A portion of the parts, most quite the 1x10 speed drivetrain and the long toss brake levers, are likewise a smidgen of a let down from an execution point of view. The Suntour fork, while bulky and forceful, was likewise hard to dial into every rider's inclinations. So, analyzers discovered little else to grumble about in this adaptable, forceful, and sensibly evaluated trail bicycle.

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Top Pick for Climbing

Goliath Stance 1 2018

Goliath Stance 2 Top Pick Award

$2,145 List

Rundown Price

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decent segment spec


processing plant tubeless

awesome climber

less steady at speed

more extreme head tube

Tipping the scales at a svelte 28.7 pounds in the size vast we tried, the Giant Stance 1 is an amazingly lightweight full suspension off-road bicycle at this cost. Mammoth additionally completed a brilliant activity with the segment detail of the Stance 1, with a noteworthy form to esteem proportion. This current bicycle's light weight and incredible form consolidate with its responsive taking care of and effective power exchange to make it the best climber in our test determination and the champ of our Top Pick for Climbing Award. It isn't only a proficient climber however, as its deft nature and fun loving trail behavior make an adaptable trail bicycle that exceeds expectations as a rule, just wavering at higher velocities. In case you're the sort who acknowledges tough effectiveness, looks for the fun loving line, and doesn't push the points of confinement of downhill speed, at that point the Giant Stance 1 could the bicycle for you.

There was little not to like about the Giant Stance 1, but rather our analyzer's essential grievance about its execution was absence of strength at speed. The Stance 1's short wheelbase and achieve, that assistance to make it so deft and responsive in every other circumstance, tend to give the bicycle a skittish and less certainty moving feel as rates increment on plunges. Read the full audit to discover more about the Giant Stance 1.

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Top Pick for XC Trail Riding

Kona Hei Trail 2019

Top Pick Award

$2,399 List

Rundown Price

See It

Adjusted suspension feel

Great front tire spec

Energetic XC demeanor

More extreme head tube edge

1x10 drivetrain

Recon fork

The Kona Hei Trail amazed our analyzers and they became fonder of this bicycle with each ride. Its quiet and agreeable attitude on the trail nearly concealed the reality this was a fun loving and enthusiastic bicycle that exceeds expectations in moderate territory. Analyzers developed more agreeable and certain on this bicycle with each test lap and wound up remaining on the gas and pushing the bicycle harder each time. It has somewhat of a part identity on the plunges, both smooth and planted, yet fast and enthusiastic when you need it to be. The 140mm of front and back movement felt extravagant and adjusted, particularly through little and moderate sized slash. On the uphills, the Hei has an open to climbing position, with the back suspension staying dynamic while as yet feeling very proficient. It is anything but a particularly forceful trail bicycle, however it exceeds expectations in more moderate landscape with a greater amount of a XC feel winning it our Top Pick for XC Trail Riding Award.

We extremely like this bicycle in modestly pitched territory, yet when the trails get steep or particularly harsh the Hei's more extreme head tube edge turns out to be very observable. Obviously, this bicycle can handle pretty much anything, however it is plainly less forceful in steep and super unpleasant landscape than a portion of the opposition. Generally speaking, the segment detail works out on the trail, however the 1x10 speed drivetrain and weak Maxxis Tomahawk raise tire were low focuses for our analyzers. Generally speaking, we making the most within recent memory on board the Hei, so much that it earned our Top Pick Award.

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Bicycles all arranged and good to go for multi day of testing.

Bicycles all arranged and good to go for multi day of testing.

Examination and Test Results

Doubtlessly that off-road bicycles are costly, and nowadays many finish full suspension bicycles cost about to such an extent, or more, than your first auto. Luckily, numerous brands are making reasonable full suspension off-road bicycles that are really trail-commendable and you won't have to pitch a kidney to buy. Indeed, you can spend upwards of $10,000 on an extravagant new off-road bicycle, however you surely don't need to have an extraordinary time out on the trail.

Through the span of a little while this spring and summer, our Tahoe based trail blazing bicycle analyzers rode all around the Tahoe Basin and encompassing regions. Every one of the bicycles in our test choice were put through hell on an extensive variety of trail composes, with test laps that intended to hit the full range of off-road bicycle riding. Each part of each bicycle's execution was examined and scored on four rating measurements that are talked about in more noteworthy detail beneath.

The majority of the bicycles inspected here are extraordinary, with fluctuating geometry numbers, segment particulars, and qualities and shortcomings that characterize the manner in which they perform out on the trail. At the point when our testing finished up and the residue settled, the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 was the reasonable victor of our Editor's Choice Award, offering execution and a fabricate pack to value proportion that essentially can't be contacted by the opposition. Different bicycles exceeded expectations for various reasons, similar to our Best Buy Award victor the Giant Trance 3 2019 which offers a flexible and amazing proficient ride at an awesome cost. Our Top Pick for Climbing Award went to the Giant Stance 1 for its light weight, climbing proficiency, and snappy taking care of. The Kona Hei Trail 2019 likewise inspired our analyzers with its awesome all-around execution with a XC arranged feel acquiring it our Top Pick for XC Trail Riding Award. Read on to discover more about how the majority of the bicycles explored here contrasted with one another.

Fun Factor

We ride off-road bicycles since it's fun, and we expect that you do as well. We appraised each bicycle in this survey on our analyzer's impression of how much fun they had while riding each model. A few bicycles are more enjoyable to ride than others, with a lively aura and flexibility that influences them to perform well constantly. At the point when the rider and bicycle end up one unit and you can disregard the bicycle to center around the trail, you're most likely having a fabulous time. Different bicycles are less amusing to ride, motivating less certainty, have a less balanced execution, or worked with segments that keep you away from having an awesome time. We think that its anything but difficult to separate between bicycles that are essentially an impact to ride, and those that keep you tense the whole time.

The best time wins and the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 had a fabulous time meters stuck at 11.

The best time wins, and the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 had a ton of fun meters stuck at 11.

Our Best Mountain Bike Under $2500 Editor's Choice Award champ, the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0, was the reasonable victor in this rating metric, with a geometry and segment determination that is particularly quick to party on the trail. The Canyon is additionally balanced, a competent climber that can keep it smooth or get as forceful as you need on the plunges, and a fabricate that moves the certainty to do as such.

The Giant Trance 3 2019, our Best Buy Award victor, shocked our analyzers with its flexibility and certainty motivating plunging abilities. With just 150mm of front and 140mm of back wheel travel and a slack head tube edge, the Trance 3 has the pad and edges to handle pretty much anything. At $1,950, it's additionally a noteworthy esteem and the main bicycle under $2,000 that our analyzers felt sure surging into steep and harsh segments of trail at speed while riding.

Our Top Pick for Climbing grant champ, the Giant Stance 1 was likewise very much loved among our analyzers. A lightweight and effective climber, the Stance 1 has responsive taking care of, a fun loving state of mind, and an incredible form at the cost. It lost a little ground to the opposition in this metric because of its less steady feel as downhill speeds expanded.

Kona's Hei Trail 2019 additionally turned out to be an impact to ride and it earned our Top Pick for XC Trail Riding Award. This bicycle exceeded expectations in moderate territory and over little to fair sized cleave. It is anything but a forceful trail bicycle, however it springs up on quick and flowy trails where it carries the fun factor up with its energetic disposition and adjusted suspension feel.

The Kona Process 134 SE has a greater amount of an enduro bicycle feel that truly comes invigorated on the plummets and at speed, and it was extremely amusing to ride downhill. So, it was quite one-dimensional and attempted to coordinate the inside and out execution or flexibility of a portion of alternate bicycles in our test determination.

No ifs ands or buts, the slightest fun bicycle to ride in our test was the GT Verb Expert. The GT's obsolete geometry, cumbersome feel, and poor part particular made this the slightest trail commendable and certainty motivating bicycle we tried. It felt uneven, skittish, and extremely simply wasn't too much amusing to ride.

Downhill Performance

Apparently the most imperative component of a trail blazing bicycle's execution for most riders is the means by which it performs on the declining. There are various elements that manage the manner in which a bicycle plummets, most prominently geometry and segment particular. While everything meets up a decent downhill entertainer is flexible, responsive, and moves trust in the rider.

The Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 was the most sure and skilled downhill entertainer in our test.

The Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 was the most certain and competent downhill entertainer in our test.

The hands down champ in the declining execution rating metric was the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0. The Spectral's dynamic geometry; with a long wheelbase, longer reach, and a slack head tube edge of 66.1 degrees, consolidate with its meaty form to make a steady descender that is appropriate to a forceful riding style. It's nobody trap horse however, the Spectral is similarly as enjoyable to ride at lower speeds or on smoother trails as it is handling steep and rough trails at speed.

It might be our Best Buy Award champ, however that didn't stop the Giant Stance 3 2019 from being a best entertainer in our declining execution rating. This present bicycle's moderate reach and wheelbase give it snappy taking care of and a short turning span, yet despite everything it stands its ground as rates increment because of its bum head tube point. It comes up short on the beefier parts of the top of the line Canyon Spectral, yet at the cost, the Trance 3 is still bounty fit.

The Kona Process 134 SE was another high scorer in downhill execution. Once more, the bicycle's more present day long geometry, with a long wheelbase and long achieve, put the rider between the wheels in a particularly adjusted and stable position. The Process truly woke up on plummets, asking to be manualed or pop little affectation at whatever point conceivable. Shockingly, the Kona's part spec kept it down a bit, particularly the Rock Shox Recon fork, generally, this bicycle is an impact to ride downhill.

The Giant Stance 1 was without a doubt a fun bicycle to ride downhill, it's deft and exact and it performs well at low to medium paces. Analyzers discovered it flounder a bit as paces expanded and didn't feel as positive about fast circumstances as they did on different bicycles in this test. The equivalent goes for the Intense Spider Foundation which favored low to medium speeds yet moved toward becoming jittery and apprehensive as paces expanded.

The GT Verb Expert has geometry that is stuck in the '90's, with a lofty head tube point of 69.2 degrees. This obsolete geometry combined with a poor part detail and a for the most part awkward feel made this bicycle absolute unnerving to ride on anything other than smooth and smooth hardpacked trails.

Tough Performance

You gotta get up to get down, and as mountain bikers, we regularly invest the dominant part of our energy riding while at the same time going tough. A bicycle's weight, geometry, and segments all assume a job in how well a bicycle performs while climbing, and some are more qualified to it than others.

The Giant Stance 1 was the unmistakable champ in the tough execution rating metric.

The Giant Stance 1 was the unmistakable champ in the tough execution rating metric.

The Giant Stance 1 awed our analyzers with its climbing execution so much that it is the champ of our Top Pick for Climbing Award. It is astonishingly lightweight with proficient power exchange, an open to climbing position, fast taking care of, and an extraordinary form. The Stance 1 was the simplest, most agreeable, and proficient bicycle while riding tough.

Considering their declining execution scores, both the Marin Hawk Hill 2 and the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 scored well in this rating metric with a respectable 7 out of 10. The two bicycles offered agreeable and effective moving with phenomenal footing and control, yet neither could coordinate the simplicity with which the Giant Stance 1 hastened tough.

Our Best Buy Award champ, the Giant Trance 3 2019, wasn't a champion on the ascensions, yet its geometry and Maestro suspension make for an agreeable and sensibly proficient tough execution. The Intense Spider was the genuine article in the climbing office. Its precarious seat tube puts the rider directly over the wrenches and its VPP suspension configuration gives an awesome accelerating stage that makes it a lively and vivacious climber.

The Kona Process 134 SE was a fun and sure descender, yet its long wheelbase and reach didn't encourage its declining execution. When moving in a situated position the front end was super light and was inclined to meandering and a long turning range influenced it to endure in specialized segments and tough bends. The GT Verb Expert and its obsolete geometry felt uneven and flighty while climbing and the back stun was inclined to garnish out cruelly after each knock in the trail making it our slightest most loved bicycle for riding tough.


Each bicycle we tried accompanies an alternate part detail, or construct, that is controlled by the maker. The segments of a trail blazing bicycle are one of the essential factors that impact execution as well as the retail cost. In the sub $2500 value run a couple of hundred dollars goes far in the nature of segments appended to a casing, and as a rule, you're in an ideal situation spending somewhat more for a superior form. It took for a little while, however as of late higher-end innovation has at last started to stream down to more affordable trail blazing bicycles and here and there the contrasts between the high and low-end forms of parts is immaterial. One thing is sure, a large portion of the financial plan cognizant bicycles in our test determination are trail commendable and shred prepared. Note that the majority of the moving parts on off-road bicycles in the end require upkeep. Brakes, drivetrains, suspension, dropper posts, on the off chance that they move they will in the long run destroy, and the more you ride the quicker it will occur.

The Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 has effortlessly got the best form to esteem proportion we've ever observed.

The Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 has effortlessly got the best form to esteem apportion we've ever observed.

The most amazing form by a long shot in our test determination is that of the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0. This bicycle is prepared to roll with bulky suspension, ground-breaking brakes, a 1x12 speed drivetrain, substantial Maxxis tires, a dropper situate post, and an agreeable cockpit set up. The segment spec to value proportion and execution that this bicycle conveys is amazing. This bicycle is prepared to go straight out of the container.

The following most great form is the Giant Stance 1. Not exclusively is this bicycle exceptionally lightweight at this cost point at 28.7 pounds, yet it comes stock with a Fox suspension bundle that beats the various bicycles in this test determination other than the Canyon Spectral, a Shimano SLX 1x 11 speed drivetrain, and Giant XC-1 tubeless wheels with Maxxis Ardent tires set up tubeless from the industrial facility.

Our Best Buy Award champ, the Giant Trance 3, has a decent part determination at the cost. It can't coordinate the expand on the Canyon Spectral, yet it takes care of business for $450 less. It has an agreeable cockpit, muscular suspension, and a particularly shred prepared arrangement of haggles.

The Kona Process 134 SE, the Marin Hawk Hill 2, and have sensible forms thinking about the cost. While there truly is nothing to think of home about on the works of these bicycles, they both have 1x drivetrains, dropper situate posts, pleasant wide handlebars and grippy trail commendable tires. Tragically, the two bicycles were kept down by their suspension, most strikingly the Rock Shox Recon Silver fork spec'd on both. The Recon didn't help either bicycle, with constrained tune-capacity, a pogo stick feel and the slightest smooth travel of the considerable number of forks we tried. Better forks would have done marvels for the general execution of both of these bicycles.

The GT Verb Expert was the minimum costly bicycle in our test determination and thusly had the slightest amazing form. All things considered, regardless it had a 1x11 speed drivetrain, a dropper situate post, and a wide handlebar trying to make it a trail commendable bicycle.

Working diligently testing and finding the best off-road bicycles under $2500.

Working diligently testing and finding the best off-road bicycles under $2500.


There's a great deal to consider when you're investigating purchasing another full suspension off-road bicycle. The uplifting news is you don't need to take out a second home loan to manage the cost of one. There are a few off-road bicycles under $2500 that are skilled and adaptable rides that'll get you out on the trail with a grin all over. Our expert trail blazing bicycle analyzers took these bicycles as far as possible and our discoveries are exhibited here for you in this inside and out near audit. We trust the data we've assembled encourages you choose which is the best bicycle for you dependent on your riding style and spending plan.

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