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The 2018 Best Coolers and Ice Chests

Need a dependable cooler for your next outing? We purchased and broadly tried 10 of the best models available to figure out which ones merit spending your well deserved Benjamins on. Twilight of research, we thought of a choice of models that cover relatively every value go and planned utilize. With some top of the line coolers to browse, it tends to be hard to make sense of which ones will keep your sustenance chilly for a long time and which ones are simply costly bits of plastic. Regardless of whether you require a cooler for a broadened woodlands chasing trip or a loosening up end of the week at the shoreline, our survey can enable you to pick the correct one.

In our most recent round of testing we included the long awaited Otterbox Venture 65 and we were overwhelmed. Not exclusively does this almost indestructible cooler offer some extremely keen and helpful outline contacts, it likewise outlived the majority of alternate models in our protection torment test. This execution delegated the Otterbox as our new Editors' Choice Winner, deposing the long-ruling ORCA.

Known for their near bombproof telephone cases, OtterBox has now tossed their plastic dominance into the cooler ring with the Venture 65. Also, as we would see it, they hit it out of the recreation center on the primary attempt. It won our protection testing, coordinating the cooling span of the past victor regardless of being 11 quarts bigger (in view of our estimations). OtterBox has a great deal of experience making finely definite telephone cases, and in the Venture 65 they successfully utilized that experience into making agreeable handles, more easy to understand locks, an extremely viable drainplug, an inherent container opener, and connection focuses for a huge number of sold-independently extras like cutting plate, glass holders, wheels, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The main drawbacks: the additional protection that makes this cooler so great likewise makes it very extensive and massive, and its surprising expense is keeping pace with that of other top of the line models.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Coleman Xtreme 5-Day 70qt

Best Buy Award


(14% off)

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Estimated Capacity: 64 quarts| Measured Days Below 40˚F: 3.7

Great protection for cost

Simple to deplete


Awkward handles

The Coleman Xtreme 5-Day performed precisely in accordance with normal on our protection tests. This is especially amazing when you consider that the field was skewed with twofold the quantity of costly top of the line models contrasted with more temperate customary models. Significantly more noteworthy is the way that it exceeded one of the top of the line models, the Grizzly 75, in our protections tests. The Coleman's deplete plug configuration was additionally the most loved among our analyzers. Of the considerable number of models we tried the Coleman absolutely packs the most punch per dollar. In the event that you investigate our value versus execution graph you can see that the opposition for the Best Buy Award wasn't close by anyone's standards, the Coleman destroyed both other reasonable models. In our protection test, it held safe nourishment temperatures for multi day longer than the Rubbermaid and held ice well. It likewise outflanked its customary brethren in the toughness and usability classes, making it the unmistakable conveyor of the best esteem signal. Make a point to look at the full scope of measured Coleman offers in the Xtreme arrangement including the Coleman Xtreme 5-Day 120 qt.

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Best Buy: High-End


Best Buy Award


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Estimated Capacity: 64 quarts | Measured Days Below 40˚F: 5.5 (balanced)

Modest (for a top of the line demonstrate)

Great protection


Marginally awkward handles

Muddled deplete plug

A cooler that is worked to keep going for a considerable length of time can be an awesome speculation, yet the underlying sticker price can at present be a significant stun. Enter the RTIC 65. Holding fast to their adage, "Over-manufactured, not over-evaluated," RTIC assembled a solid, roto-shaped model that expenses altogether not as much as other comparably developed models (a valid example: theRTIC records for $240, and the YETI Tundra 65 records for $350). In our testing, the RTIC was for the most part ready to keep inside spitting separation of substantially more costly models as far as protection execution and was in lockstep with those models the extent that solidness goes. In case you're fascinated with the majority of the excellent cooler models hitting the racks however would prefer not to spend premium bucks, the RTIC is an immaculate bargain. For the present, the RTIC is for the most part just accessible direct to purchaser from RTIC's site, however we'll fill you in regarding whether that progressions.

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Top Pick for Ease of Transport

Igloo Glide PRO 110qt

Top Pick Award


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Estimated Capacity: 110 quarts | Measured Days Below 40˚F: 3.5

Substantial limit

Durable handle

Smooth moving wheels

Is difficult to lift when completely stacked

For hauling a bundle of chilly mixes out to the finish of the wharf, you can't beat the Igloo Glide Pro. Its unbending, extending handle and substantial wheels make for a smooth roll, notwithstanding when exploiting each one of its 110 quarts. It additionally did generally well in our protection testing, keeping temps underneath 40˚F for 3.5 days. Simply ensure you have a couple of exceptionally solid companions around in case you're intending to lift this completely stacked fridge into an auto.

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Sprinters Up

This is one classification where we had two particular gatherings: the top of the line models that cost a lot, however generally all performed especially well, and the customary models that are far more affordable and, while some performed outstandingly in our testing, were simply in an entire unexpected group in comparison to the top of the line models. In case you're searching for a minimal effort customary model, we feel the Coleman Xtreme 5-Day is by a wide margin your best decision. Be that as it may, the top of the line models were substantially more firmly stuffed regarding execution. While we feel the OtterBox is the best decision in case you will spend the cash for an excellent model, we'd feel neglectful in the event that we didn't feature a portion of the other extraordinary models that were only marginally behind in our testing.

Incredible Insulation in a More Packable Shape

ORCA 58 Quart


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The ORCA 58 Quart is both somewhat littler than a large portion of alternate models, and picks a more cubic shape. Not exclusively did this assistance its execution in our protection testing, we likewise found that it made the cooler fit all the more effortlessly into the back of an overstuffed station wagon. In the event that you can stand to lose a touch of limit from the custom 65-quart estimate (we gauged the ORCA's ability at 54 quarts) this is an extraordinary decision that will hold ice for quite a while. The cost has likewise been dropping starting late, so you might have the capacity to locate a decent arrangement.

Simple Latches and Simple Draining

Pelican Elite 70


(7% off)

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On the off chance that a Hollywood official were throwing the job of 'top of the line cooler' they would pick the Pelican Elite 70. It has the ruggedized look one would anticipate from a model intended to endure forever and foil off hungry wild bears. The hooks are catch worked plastic rather than elastic, which makes it simple to open them with one hand. We likewise felt it was the most effortless top of the line model to deplete. In addition its protection execution was inside spitting separation of the best performing OtterBox.

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Top of the line Performance with Modest Esthetics

Engel Deep Blue


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The Engel Deep Blue has a straightforward plan with a severe body and streamlined simple locks. At first look, you may not see that it's a top of the line display. In any case, stowing away in that unassuming body is some high protecting limit, strong strength, and a simple to utilize deplete. The Engel is likewise concealing something underneath its moderate hooks. The little metal snares that the locks secure to twofold as container openers, a component that is ideal for a considerable length of time at the shoreline or post-summit triumph drinks.

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The Original, and Still Great

Sasquatch Tundra 65


at Backcountry

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Sasquatch basically created the top of the line cooler, and in spite of the fact that their staple offering was not ready to top our scoreboard, Yeti still makes an excellent item. The Tundra 65 was right in the shred with the other top of the line models in our protection testing, and highlights awesome craftsmanship that will probably last numerous lifetimes. We felt its deplete plug was marginally messier and its handles somewhat less agreeable than those of a portion of alternate models, yet despite everything we would not dither to grab up one of these coolers on the off chance that we discovered it at a bargain.

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Examination and Test Results

Purchasing a cooler used to be a simple choice. You could stroll into any store, find only a couple of models accessible that were relatively indistinguishable in appearance, execution, and cost, pick a size that fit your requirements and be en route. Presently purchasing a cooler means being immersed with a heap of shifting choices, value focuses, and promoting claims. All of a sudden as opposed to making a snappy $50 buy, you're thinking about spending upwards of $400 for an extravagant froth box that may turn into a treasure for your grandchildren. Our motivation is to make this procedure less confounding. Keeping that in mind, we ran 10 of the most profoundly respected models through the most thorough arrangement of tests we could envision. We at that point considered our testing results with regards to how different individuals would utilize them in reality, to give you a superior feeling of what model will work best for your requirements. For a more inside and out discourse on the most proficient method to pick the correct model, look at our Buying Advice article.

The cooler market has extended as of late with a large number of new brands and plans.

The cooler market has extended lately with a huge number of new brands and plans.

Is That Extra Cost Really Worthwhile?

The above diagram, which thinks about execution and cost, may clarify whether it is justified, despite all the trouble for you to burn through $300+ on a cooler (you can see models names by floating your cursor over each spot). As should be obvious, models like the Coleman Xtreme offer about portion of the execution as the costly, top of the line models at about a fourth of the cost. By and by, this relates to around 3 long stretches of safe sustenance temperatures with the Coleman and around 6 long stretches of safe temps with the more costly models. On the off chance that you reliably go on treks that remove you from stores that offer ice for over 3 days, that additional expense is likely justified, despite all the trouble. If not, your cash might be better spent on a low estimated model. The other thought is toughness. On the off chance that you've officially broken a couple of coolers in the course of the most recent 5 years, an indestructible top of the line model might be a superior incentive over the long haul.


Protection is by a long shot the most critical execution part of a cooler. In like manner, we put a considerable measure of exertion into evaluating each model's protection execution. We split our testing into two distinct measurements, ice maintenance (which connects to what extent beverages could be kept chilly), and safe nourishment stockpiling. We measure the last by putting an information logging thermometer over the ice where sustenance would be put away, and perceiving to what extent each model kept that sensor chilled underneath the Food and Drug Administration most extreme short-lived nourishment stockpiling temperature of 40˚F.. These tests were directed with the models in a similar room, one next to the other. When we get another cooler we can't guarantee that the room will be the very same temperature as the last time we ran the test, so we alter our figures with the goal that they are straightforwardly practically identical. That is the reason the figures in the table beneath might be marginally unique in relation to those on alternate diagrams from the individual tests that we ran. For additional on that procedure, you can read our How We Test article.

Safe Food Storage

The outline above shows to what extent each model held temperatures beneath the FDA safe sustenance stockpiling least of 40˚F in our testing (these figures will change in light of climate conditions and the cooler's substance, yet despite everything they give a helpful benchmark to examination). As should be obvious, the OtterBox Venture 65 and the ORCA 58 Quart were the main models that broke the 6-day check, crossing the 40˚F edge halfway through day 7. Both of these models shared the best score of 9 in this test. In any case, we were more awed with the OtterBox's execution than the ORCA's, as we quantified its ability as 11 quarts bigger (65 versus 54).

Following the OtterBox and ORCA in a firmly pressed gathering were the Pelican Elite 70, Yeti Tundra, the Engel Deep Blue, and the RTIC 65, separately. Every one of the 4 of these models surpassed 40˚F inside a couple of long periods of one another halfway through day 6, pretty much 24 hours before the best entertainers, and they all got a protection execution score of 8.

The best performing OterBox versus the business standard Yeti.

The best performing OterBox versus the business standard Yeti.

Two extra models likewise scored a 6 out of 10 in this metric, the Igloo Glide PRO and the Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt. These models performed indistinguishably in our protections, both keeping up safe nourishment temperatures for 3.5 days. This was significantly not as much as different contenders that scored in this range. We gave these models a slight debilitate because of their bigger sizes (110 and 100 quarts, separately). They were definitely not going to keep going as long as the littler models, as they have considerably more airspace to keep chilly (shockingly there is no really reasonable approach to look at coolers of altogether different sizes without a NASA style lab). In any case, we were awed at how well they fared in our test.

The two extensive models we tried both broke the 40˚F check (for good) at nearly a similar time in our test.

The two huge models we tried both broke the 40˚F check (for good) at nearly a similar time in our test.

The center of day 4 saw the Grizzly and Coleman Xtreme break the 40˚ boundary simultaneously. We granted the Grizzly and the Coleman protection execution scores of 4. With a protection execution score of 2, the most exceedingly awful entertainer in our nourishment wellbeing test was the Rubbermaid DuraChill. It quickly ruptured 40˚F halfway through day 2 and warmed up for good halfway through day 3.

The Industry standard YETI versus the spending top of the line show made by RTIC.

The Industry standard YETI versus the spending top of the line show made by RTIC.

Ice Retention

Our testing demonstrated ice maintenance to be firmly related with keeping up safe nourishment temperatures. The majority of the models warmed to over 40˚F inside 1-2 days before losing their last piece of ice. The OtterBox, the ORCA, the Pelican, and theYeti all stood out holding ice for 7 days, however the ORCA could remain underneath 40˚ for one more day than the others. The Engel balanced the genuine top of the line entertainers, each holding ice for 6 days. The Engel kept up safe sustenance temperatures for more than 5 days. The Grizzly again fell in with the customary group, performing similarly and the Coleman Xtreme with 5 long stretches of ice maintenance.

The Rubbermaid DuraChill raised the back, holding ice for 4 days. As we specified previously, ice maintenance is a decent pointer of protection quality and relates to what extent drinks can be kept cool. Since drinking a somewhat warm brew is both less awful and less unsafe than eating ruined meat, a great many people will need to give careful consideration to the consequences of the sustenance security test instead of the ice maintenance test.

What does the additional expense get you? The above photograph demonstrates the Coleman Xtreme 5-day (list cost $80 Best Buy victor) and the ORCA Extra Heavy Duty (list cost $410) on day 5 of our protection test.

What does the additional expense get you? The above photograph demonstrates the Coleman Xtreme 5-day (list cost $80, Best Buy champ) and the ORCA Extra Heavy Duty (list cost $410) on day 5 of our protection test.

A Note About '5-Day' and Other Claims

A large portion of the models we tried have some term guarantee, indicating to be a '5-day model' or something comparative. Each of the three of the conventional models we tried convey a 5-day guarantee. The top of the line models that do make claims are mindful so as to include some conceivable deniability into their dialect. The Engel, ORCA, and Pelican Elite 70 all publicize an 'up to 10-day' guarantee. The Grizzly and Yeti renounce making such cases.

The Rubbermaid claims 5-days in 3 dialects.

The Rubbermaid claims 5-days in 3 dialects.

Take these cases with a grain of salt. The greater part of these cases convey fine print stipulations that don't coordinate the substances and reasonable items of certifiable utilize, for example, never depleting meltwater, pre-chilling before utilize, seldom opening the cover, and a steady outer temperature. Despite the fact that they frequently don't unequivocally say as much, these cases generally allude to ice maintenance. Our testing demonstrates that temperatures transcend the basic 40˚F stamp before the remainder of the ice has softened, which means regardless of whether the 5-day guarantee is in fact exact you could have ruined sustenance before the 5 days are up.

When contrasting cases with the more imperative nourishment wellbeing standard, none of the customary models we tried satisfied their 5-day guarantee. The Coleman Xtreme came the nearest, hitting 40˚F almost the entire way through day 4. The majority of the High-end models broke this 5-day check. Just the Grizzly, which warmed up halfway through day 4, missed the mark concerning this check. No model could coordinate even the more traditionalist 'up to 7-day' top of the line guarantee, however the Pelican approached, enduring 6.5 days. This, nonetheless, was still well shy of its 'up to 10-day' guarantee.


These items will no doubt be put through some maltreatment, in any event bobbing around in a firmly pressed auto as it meanders down a rough street. Expanded strength normally implies a more extended helpful life and a lower probability of mid-trip inventive conduit tape repairs. Strength is a troublesome thing to evaluate. Our solidness scores depend on our analyzers' impressions after broadly utilizing every single one of the items direct, and information mining on the web client audits to distinguish any notable strength issues.

Not at all like protection execution, which had a genuinely far reaching, our toughness testing brought about two tight-weave camps: the to a great degree strong top of the line models and the less sturdy customary models. Subsequent to fiddling with deplete plugs, pushing on dividers and tops, and yanking on pivots, we granted the majority of the top of the line model's sturdiness scores of either 7 or 8. The Pelican Elite 70 the Yeti Tundra 65, and the RTIC 65 were the lower scorers because of some minor blemishes. Both the Yeti and Pelican models released some water out of the cover amid our slosh test. We felt this demonstrated marginally lesser auxiliary uprightness, and along these lines somewhat lesser solidness, than the other top of the line models. The Pelican Elite additionally had to some degree an unstable deplete plug chain, which was hinting at some wear before the finish of our testing. The RTIC's locks are somewhat less muscular than other top of the line models. They're certainly not shaky, but rather not as over-worked as the opposition either. Our analyzers couldn't envision having any solidness issues with the tops, locks, or pivots of any of the top of the line models, and this supposition was validated by perusing 1000 online client audits.

The relies on the Coleman Xtreme 5-Day (left rundown cost $80) and the Igloo Yukon Cold Locker (right rundown cost $462) are characteristic of the outline contrasts you can expect among conventional and top of the line models.

The relies on the Coleman Xtreme 5-Day (left, list cost $80) and the Igloo Yukon Cold Locker (right, list cost $462) are characteristic of the outline contrasts you can expect among conventional and top of the line models.

The customary models felt essentially less strong, and it was anything but difficult to discover client surveys grumbling about broken pivots and handles. Moreover, some give can be felt when pushing against their dividers and tops, while pushing against those of top of the line models has a craving for pushing against a stone. The Igloo Glide Pro was the best of the bundle, gaining a 5 out of 10. It has a strong body and pivots and locks that are more beefy than the other conventional models. Additionally, its haggles feel more strong than the other wheeled models we tried. The Coleman Xtreme and Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled both got a strength score of 4 from our testing, and the Rubbermaid DuraChill got a score of 3. While the Igloo Glide Pro could outflank its individual conventional models, because of its marginally beefier pivots, it just got a large portion of the strength score that the Editor's Choice Award Winning Otterbox did.

The OtterBox is assembled like a tank.

The OtterBox is assembled like a tank.

This unmistakable split in strength might be the sole defense some need to decide on a top of the line demonstrate, as expanded solidness means more prominent life span and numerous all the more outdoors trips before you should purchase a substitution. It likewise implies less stresses when it's bobbing around in a pontoon on harsh oceans or tumbling off the back of an ATV. For more data on the best way to consider strength in your buy choice look at our Buying Advice article.


We feel that usability comes down to two noteworthy things that you should manage relatively consistently that you utilize your cooler: opening the cover and depleting meltwater. Top opening trouble is for the most part dictated by the locks that safe it. Covers that have an affinity to snap close spontaneously add a level of trouble to ordinary camp cooking. Some deplete plugs make water stop commendable streams of water while depleting, or tend to dribble water onto the underside of the body, all of which can make a wreck in case you're attempting to deplete from inside the storage compartment of your auto.

Our testing did not uncover a gigantic range in relative convenience between the models we considered, with all scores falling somewhere in the range of 5 and 8, however there were factors that improved nearly a bit than others. The most elevated performing models were the OtterBox Venture 65, Pelican Elite, and the Engel Deep Blue, all procuring a score of 8. Our analyzers felt that these models all had secure yet easy to work hooks, simple to open covers and deplete plugs, and could all be depleted with negligible problem and tilting. The OtterBox and Pelican, specifically, have awesome hooks that are extremely secure yet can without much of a stretch be opened with one hand. The Best Buy Award winning Coleman Xtreme and the Igloo Glide PRO pursued the lead pack both with a score of 7. We found the inner locking instrument on the Coleman's its cover finicky to open, regularly requiring two hands pry free. In any case, it compensated for this in depleting facilitate; its deplete connect pops open to a snap and it is one of only a handful couple of models that depleted totally with practically no tilting. The Glide Pro was likewise simple to deplete as it effortlessly rotates around its wheels to get a simple tilt. In any case, the locks were additionally more hard to get open than different models.

A few models make some guarantee sprinkling when you initially unscrew the deplete plug. Sometimes that sprinkling is Valentine's Day themed.

A few models make some insurance sprinkling when you initially unscrew the deplete plug. Incidentally that sprinkling is Valentine's Day themed.

The Grizzly, Yeti Tundra, Rubbermaid DuraChill, the RTIC 65 and the Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled every single got score of 6. When all is said in done, they every lost point on account of inconveniences amid the depleting procedure. The Grizzly's deplete plug had a tendency to stall out amid our testing, requiring some humiliating snorting to get it free. It additionally sprinkled a considerable amount when the attachment at long last fell off. The Yeti's deplete plug had comparative sprinkling issues, particularly when it was first opened. Likewise, the Yeti's handle sits comfortable level of the deplete plug, continually swinging in the way like an irritating gnat. The Rubbermaid was by a long shot our minimum most loved model to deplete. So as to suit its wheels, the deplete plug is most of the way up the body, expecting you to tip it totally on its side to get it to totally deplete. The Coleman Wheeled's cover sporadically stalled out in our testing and required two hands to get open.

The most minimal score of 5 was earned, shockingly, by the Editors' Choice Award-winning ORCA 58 Quart. This is the main classification where the ORCA didn't exceed expectations, and this was exclusively because of its top. While its hooks were straightforward and top simple to open, it tended to snap close out of the blue in an extremely hungry hippos-esque way, requiring an additional piece of alert when looking for sustenance. The Max Cold lost indicates due trouble depleting. It depleted gradually and required a decent measure of tipping to discharge totally, however not exactly as much as the Rubbermaid. It likewise lost focuses on the grounds that its top has no interior hooking system. While this makes it simple to open, it additionally implies additional consideration must be paid to ensure it remains shut when it needs to.

Convenience is where the outcomes did not unmistakably split between top of the line and conventional models. For example, the Best Buy Award winning Coleman Xtreme was one of the higher scorers, and was really the minimum fastidious model when it came to depleting.


At the point when completely stuffed these behemoths are substantial. For instance, when we stacked them up with water for our convey test the Yeti Tundra and Coleman Xtreme weighed 137 lbs and 147 lbs, individually. That is sufficiently overwhelming that a one-individual convey is close unimaginable and a two-man convey will absolutely get the blood moving. They can be so substantial, truth be told, that numerous individuals choose to design the majority of their coordinations around keeping their cooler in the auto and not moving it for the whole outing. Simplicity of movability is totally controlled by handle comfort. Inadequately planned handles can leave your hands resembling a crude piece of meat, while decent handles can make moving an overwhelming burden fringe charming (perhaps 'lovely' is a touch of an exaggeration, they will at any rate make it less excruciating). We likewise thought to be outer size, as littler or more packable measurements implies you can stuff more toys into your experience bound auto.

Here once more, we didn't see a major scope of scores following our testing, all falling somewhere in the range of 4 and 7, however there were inconspicuous contrasts that will be important to a few clients. When all is said in done, the high scorers were the models that were anything but difficult to convey. The ORCA 58 Quart and Pelican Elite, the two of which brought home the best score of 7, were likewise our most loved models to convey when vigorously stacked. Our analyzers found the unbending plastic handles of the Pelican to be the most agreeable, however the Pelican lost some packability indicates due its heavy outside size. While the ORCA's handles weren't exactly as agreeable, they were still obviously superior to whatever is left of the models, and its more cubic shape made it more packable.

Handle configuration can be the contrast between a fast trek and a moderate difficult trudge.

Handle configuration can be the contrast between a fast trek and a moderate, agonizing trudge.

The greater part of the models we tried fell into the mid-scope of convenientce execution, with 7 models leaving our testing with a score of 6. This gathering, which incorporates the Otterbox Venture 65, the Coleman, the Engel, the Max Cold, the Rubbermaid, the Igloo Glide PRO, and the Coleman Wheeled, all got normal handle comfort scores from our analyzers. On the off chance that you regularly end up carrying around an overwhelming cooler you'll need to think about one of our best scorers. In any case, in case you're a pack it up in the auto and never move it sort of individual, one of these models may suit your requirements. The Igloo Glide Pro and the Coleman Wheeled both earned additional focuses because of their wheels. Both this models slide well. In the event that anything the wheels are a bit smoother on the Igloo. Nonetheless, the two models lost a few indicates due their bigger size, which made them exceptionally hard to lift up. OtterBox sells a wheel connection for its items, which would significantly enhance the movability, however it costs an incredible $250.

The Igloo Glide PRO was our most loved wheeled model.

The Igloo Glide PRO was our most loved wheeled model.

The most reduced scorers in our conveyability testing were the Yeti Tundra, which scored a 5, and the Grizzly, which scored a 4. We felt that the two models to some degree came up short in handle plan. The Yeti consolidated an unbending handle with a rope connection, which brought about odd conveyances of the heap in our analyzers' hands. The Grizzly settled on an all delicate handle, which caused a considerable measure of squeezing amid our convey tests.


This is our most reduced weighted scoring criteria at only 5%. This is on the grounds that protection is by a long shot the most vital interesting point for these items, to such an extent that any extra highlights are only extraneous to their essential capacity. Notwithstanding, there are various highlights accessible on a few models: rulers, cupholders, even crisis bottle openers. Top of the line models additionally incorporate more tough development highlights, for example, stick style pivots and outside hooks. The component we like the most is a deplete plug chain, yet while advantageous it surely isn't important.

The Pelican Elite and the OtterBox Venture 65 topped the highlights class, both winning a 7 out of 10. The Pelican earned this score to its deplete plug chain, worked in cover ruler, and the majority of the accessories that accompany top of the line development. The OtterBox offers some decent contacts like an implicit jug opener and an included plate to ward off dampness touchy sustenance from the ice. The vast majority of the other top of the line models scored in the mid to high range because of their development highlights. The Engel, which scored a 5, additionally incorporates an inherent crisis bottle opener.

The traditional models scored lower in this category, as they generally don't have the super durable hinges and other beefed-up design aspects of the high-end models. Models like the Igloo Glide PRO and the Rubbermaid DuraChill did earn extra points for their wheels, but other than that the traditional models all lacked the extra features of the high-end models.

A pyramid of the nine models we reviewed  topped with the two smaller models we used to examine how size affects insulation performance.
A pyramid of the nine models we reviewed, topped with the two smaller models we used to examine how size affects insulation performance.

One of the complications in buying a cooler is figuring out how much performance do you really need to buy? The very best models are robust and will last a very long time, offering outstanding insulation for multi-day outings. But, the top of the line products are also expensive. If you don't need to keep things cold for very long then a lower cost cooler is going to be a better investment for your needs. We hope that our testing and ratings have helped you narrow down to one or two products that seem just right for your needs. If you are still not sure what to get, take a look at our buying advice article, which provides some guidelines for narrowing down selection that may be helpful.

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