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Michael Kors Access Sofie review

Michael Kors has another smartwatch for ladies. Like a year ago's Access Bradshaw, the new Michael Kors Access Sofie additionally runs the Android Wear working framework. Be that as it may, the most eminent enhancements, beside configuration, are the completely roundabout show, and another adaptation of Google's Android Wear OS. The gemstone bezel, completely round show, and hardened steel tie offer an extravagant and exquisite look, influencing the Sofie to remain consistent with the unmistakable style of any Michael Kors watch.
Michael Kors Access Sofie

Yet, despite everything it is imperfect within and outside. We should investigate.

A la mode, yet not unpretentious

For those faithful to Michael Kors, you'll see the Access Sofie's plan doesn't stray a long way from its mark style – pavé setting stones, where the gemstones are set firmly together.

The Sofie is stylish. The metallic plan combined with the gemstones are maybe excessively attractive, and we would have favored a somewhat plainer tasteful — like a year ago's Bradshaw. The silver shading helped influence it to watch somewhat less strange with conditioned down outfits, however there are considerably glitzier variations. The Sofie Pavé Gold-Tone, for instance, has gemstones on the tie also.

In the event that you do need something somewhat more inconspicuous, the Sofie's groups are effectively tradable.

In the event that you adore shaking the pavé look, the Sofie is an awesome decision. In the event that you do need something somewhat more unobtrusive, the Sofie's groups are effectively tradable so you can pick a cowhide or work tempered steel tie.

With our Silver-Tone audit unit, we thought that it was additionally fitting to wear it to upscale get-togethers where it coordinated our outfit better, rather than utilizing it as a regular smartwatch when wearing a T-shirt and pants.

The watch is amazingly lightweight and isn't cumbersome in any way, however for comfort, your mileage may fluctuate. It's critical to note, you will probably need to get the Sofie resized at a watch repair merchant, or for nothing at a Michael Kors store. Our treated steel lash was too huge, and required every one of the connections taken out to keep the watch cozy and secure, yet it was still excessively tight. On the off chance that a connection was included back, it turned into excessively free. There was no totally agreeable in the middle of choice, yet this totally relies upon the extent of your wrist. We prescribe looking at the watch at a Michael Kors store close you.

The Sofie just has one catch, not at all like the three on the men's Michael Kors Access Grayson. This can be a touch of constraining, as the men's smartwatch gives you a chance to add your own alternate ways to the best and base catch; and the crown even pivots, enabling you to look through the Android Wear interface without swiping everywhere. The Sofie's catch opens a rundown of introduced applications, for example, the climate, contacts, and the Google Play Store, however you can squeeze it hold it to get to the Google Assistant (more on this later).

Great execution, little show

Like about all Android Wear smartwatches, the Sofie is fueled by Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, with 512MB of RAM. We had zero issues with execution. Swiping through the interface felt quick and liquid, as did opening applications. There's likewise 4GB of capacity, so you can store music to the smartwatch and play it by means of Bluetooth-associated earbuds.

Michael Kors Access Sofie survey

Brenda Stoylar/Digital Trends

The show determination comes in at 390 x 390, which is genuinely high for a 1.19-inch AMOLED screen. The screen is clear, and gets sufficiently splendid to see outside. We would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see a bigger show, however, to house a greater battery, as well as to see notices simpler.

Android Wear 2.0 works best with Android telephones

Android Wear is Google's wearable working framework, and it's fantastically easy to utilize. Swipe down from the fundamental watch face to get to the brisk settings, and swipe up to see your warnings. Press the crown to see your introduced applications, or access the Google Play Store.

Google Assistant is likewise on board — it's Google's misleadingly smart colleague that perform capacities for you, such as communicating something specific, or handing-off the climate. You can get to the Assistant by squeezing and holding the crown.

iPhone clients will have the capacity to see every one of the notices from your telephone on the Sofie. The issue is you won't have the capacity to interface with the greater part of them.

One swipe to one side or left of the watch confront gives you a chance to pick between other watch faces, and redo them. The pre-introduced watch faces are somewhat finished the-top on the Sofie, however they run from extravagant to lively. You can likewise add Complications to watch faces. These are dials on the watch confront that demonstration like gadgets, offering data from an application initially.

There are additionally a great deal of ways you can answer to warnings: Voice input, jotting letters, swiping or composing through the virtual console. We favor swiping with the console, however the voice info can be helpful (however we normally just utilize it when only we're in an open space or at home). Shrewd Replies are an alternative — they're short, logically important expressions you can use as a reaction.

While Android Wear is genuinely standard over all gadgets, each smartwatch has its own extraordinary component as small scale applications. For Michael Kors, there are three smaller scale applications: My Looks, My Social, and My Modes. My Modes gives you a chance to spare your most loved watch faces and have them show up naturally at specific occasions for the duration of the day. For assist customization, you can change the shades of the pre-set watch faces by shading, regardless of whether it's the hands or the foundation. The look will then spare to the My Looks application. My Social connects to your Instagram and Facebook records, and you can set photographs from your record as watch faces.

The Sofie is perfect with the two iOS and Android gadgets. Be that as it may, for those picking to utilize an iPhone, expect constrained employments. Like on Android, you'll need to download the Android Wear application, however it should remain running out of sight to ensure the Sofie is as yet associated. In case you're a successive application closer, you won't see notices on your watch until the point when you open the Android Wear application again and reconnect the watch.

Michael Kors Access Sofie audit

Brenda Stoylar/Digital Trends

iPhone clients will have the capacity to see every one of the warnings from your telephone on the Sofie. The issue is you won't have the capacity to connect with the majority of them. iMessage and SMS messages will appear on the watch, yet there's no real way to answer. There are sure applications where the answer work works, for example, Gmail.

What's flawless is iOS clients can download applications from the Google Play Store on the watch itself. We introduced Uber and found no issues, yet while Facebook Messenger introduced, we experienced a mistake message requesting to have the application open on the telephone also. It as of now was. We didn't have this issue when we matched the Sofie with an Android telephone.

Different applications that work for iOS are Gmail, Google Calendar, and the Google application. On the off chance that you have them introduced on your iPhone, you'll likewise have the capacity to get updates and set alerts.

The Sofie includes worked in wellness following by means of Google Fit, enabling you to see what number of calories you consumed, steps you've taken, and the separation voyaged. In any case, the extent that activity goes, that is the degree of it — there's no heart rate screen or GPS. Gratefully, the smartwatch is IP67 water-and residue safe, which means you can take it submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Standard one-day battery life

The Sofie incorporates a 300mAh battery with a remote charging puck that associates attractively to the smartwatch. Michael Kors guarantees the Sofie has a 24 hour battery, and we by and large observed that to be the situation. On a full charge, the Sofie kept going a whole day with just about 40 percent left towards the end. On the off chance that you neglect to put it on the charger medium-term, you might have the capacity to press a couple of more hours out of it into the morning.


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To be reasonable, we utilized the Sofie with an iPhone — utilizing it to see our notices, and track our means. You may see diminished battery life on Android in the event that you utilize the Sofie to its full capacities.

Guarantee data

The Michael Kors Access Sofie smartwatch begins at $350 and can go up the distance to $495. It's expensive, yet it's not as costly as smartwatches offered by other design brands. At this cost, you're not getting highlights you'd find on an Android Wear smartwatch worked by a cell phone maker, for example, Android Pay or GPS.
The watch additionally accompanies a constrained two-year guarantee for maker abandons.


The Michael Kors Access Sofie looks lovely on the wrist, with a thin and smooth treated steel lash and a completely round surprised touch screen show. There are many outlines accessible so you can style it how your need, however you'll generally have the pavé set stone plan. In case you're not a fanatic of that style, you might need to look somewhere else.

Is there a superior option?

Truly. In case you're searching for a watch that is as yet in vogue and furthermore basic to the extent programming goes, the Misfit Vapor is an awesome alternative for ladies. As far as specs, it incorporates the same Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip and 4GB of capacity. It likewise has a completely round AMOLED show that is greater, coming in at 1.39-inches. It's thin, and accompanies a tie that fits slimmer wrists without making real alterations. With a $200 sticker price, you're getting huge numbers of an indistinguishable highlights and usefulness from the Sofie, however at a large portion of the cost.

In case you're searching for a more component rich smartwatch look at the Huawei Watch 2; and for iPhone clients, we suggest the Apple Watch Series 2 (however Series 3 is en route).

To what extent will it last?

In case we're talking feel, the Sofie smartwatch will in all likelihood have the capacity to last past the two-year restricted guarantee. The exemplary style, exchangeable ties, and IP67 rating could make them clutch this smartwatch for some time. You may not see programming refreshes after the multi year point however, and the battery of the watch will corrupt over the long haul.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly, If you're in the market for a smartwatch with Android Wear that is on-drift with the present form, at that point the Michael Kors Access Sofie watch is an awesome alternative.

Sound the pavé klaxon since this present one's offering great. The Michael Kors Access Sofie is the extremely prominent ladies' smartwatch running Google's Wear working framework from the planner part of Fossil Group's mold well disposed accumulations.

It blends Wear staples with fun frou-frou, all with extravagance assurance, and is a clean ordinary watch that works with both iPhones and Android telephones. Alongside the wonderful Kate Spade New York Scallop and the up and coming Marc Jacobs Riley Touchscreen, it's a piece of a gathering of smartwatches that ought to have necks at Cupertino perspiring over the fate of the Apple Watch as the luxury, snazzy go-to for the form swarm.

Cost when audited:


Evaluated at $350, the Sofie is in a similar value section as the Apple Watch. Be that as it may, this smartwatch is roundabout and has some extremely unmistakable styling.

So do the smarts coordinate with its in vogue outline? We've been living with the Michael Kors Access Sofie smartwatch to discover.

Michael Kors Access Sofie: Design and look

Michael Kors Access Sofie survey

We said in our underlying hands on with the Sofie that it's an extremely pretty smartwatch that is still valid. It's a well made bit of gems, reasonably blingy and exceptionally attractive with its pavé detail around the bezel, and additionally on the ties on the off chance that you pick.

The Sofie is accessible in various styles relying upon where you're shopping universally, all with exchangeable ties, including: gold, rose gold, silver and sable-tone completes and additionally new-ish spring 2018 styles of two-tone rose gold, sky blue and white silicone. We've been wearing the silver tone watch, however we saw whatever is left of the gathering at Fossil Group's remain finally year's IFA tech appear and they're all Lovely with a capital L.

The screen is currently completely round on both the Sofie and the Grayson - a year ago's model had an extremely unfashionable cut off. The round screen is a brilliant AMOLED show that is more than sufficiently fresh for the customisable Michael Kors watch faces and also Wear OS menus and applications.

Michael Kors Access Sofie survey

There is currently a thin dark bezel inside, however, so know that watch faces and applications (that aren't dark) don't drain straight into the metal as you may envision. Everything looks keen however.

There's a solitary round, very articulated, pusher/crown on the correct hand edge to keep things smooth. We additionally extremely like the way that the outline doesn't have enormous watch drags, influencing it considerably more mixed drink to party well disposed. It has identity.

It's agreeable as well, so you can move your wrist around uninhibitedly without feeling shackled. You can feel this 42mm treated steel observe however – it's not super light and when we asked a non-geek female companion what she thought her first words were "it's excessively stout".

Presently, she hadn't seen a year ago's (bigger, edgier) Access Bradshaw with its gigantic hauls and all, so we ought to commend the distinction in by and large size, thickness and feel as no mean accomplishment. In any case, some upscale ladies may well observe this and like this, at that point still wind up waiting for something slimmer. (It's important that the watch is as yet portrayed as "larger than usual" on Michael Kors' own site, yet reward – it is water impervious to 1 ATM).

Michael Kors Access Sofie: Features

Michael Kors Access Sofie audit

The Access Sofie – like its mens partner the Michael Kors Access Grayson – will engage any individual who needs a brilliant lite smartwatch. What I mean by that will be that it completes a great job on alarms and Google Assistant voice controls, and Wear OS runs impeccably easily because of a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor.

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However, it's missing additional highlights – the enormous one being Google Pay. You can run Google Fit and outsider wellness applications on here too for fundamental movement following however there's no GPS for sprinters – which you'd normally find in a watch this size and cost – and furthermore no heart rate checking.

Michael Kors Access Sofie survey

The one little element that sets the Access Sofie separated from a year ago's Michael Kors Access Bradshaw and other Fossil Group smartwatches like the Kate Spade New York Scallop – and the Grayson does this as well – is the new My Social 'miniaturized scale application' for watch faces.

We had My Looks and My Modes on a year ago's Michael Kors model and they return here, i.e. you can make day and night watch countenances to rapidly switch between. Presently with My Social you can, in a couple of taps, set your Instagram or Facebook pics as your watch face and include simple or computerized timekeepers top.

Amazon PA: Michael Kors Access Sofie

As of this Spring, My Social is joined by another exceptionally basic, extremely glanceable Michael Kors miniaturized scale application called My Next, which is a commencement to an imperative occasion. It's not pivotal but rather we like the trickle dribble of these exceptionally novice benevolent, social engaged, customisable highlights. Increasingly where these originated from, if it's not too much trouble

Michael Kors Access Sofie: Battery life

By and large the Access Sofie has kept going us daily of consistent utilize – notices on, splendor by and large, light Wear OS use and so forth. You may receive multi day and a half in return however in any case, regardless you'll be charging this daily - and that is fine, it's improbable you'll need to wear this sort of watch to bed.

This puts the Sofie in an alternate class to one of its principle design well disposed adversaries, the Apple Watch, however, which will probably stretch to two days in our testing. Charging itself is exceptionally clear – simply connect to the attractive charging puck and place the Access Sofie to finish everything.

Michael Kors Access Sofie

By Michael Kors

On the off chance that bling is your thing, smartwatches don't get prettier than the Michael Kors Access Sofie. It keeps the highlights straightforward with some custom Michael Kors treats sprinkled to finish everything. So while it's not the most fit for choices, it's as yet a fine decision for the form cognizant and significantly better than a year ago's Access line for ladies.



Decent watch confront customisation

Awesome, round screen


Bit thick, larger than average


No wellness additional items

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