Monday, 26 June 2017

Airtel 6GB for N1500! Best and Cheapest Airtel Data Plan

We are still in the race! With this latest Airtel 6GB for N1,500 you can browse and download without looking back! Although, it is cheap but it also works for Blackberry Phones!

Are you using Android device, PC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry device in Nigeria? Then this new Airtel Data Bundle Plan will really make your day and month amazing! Even after subscribing to other Airtel plans, this Airtel is one of many!

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This is the message, “Special Privileged!! Enjoy 6GB worth of data for just N1500. Dial *440*161# for 30 days. Usable on all devices. From Airtel Nigeria” So you can see that it is official from Airtel, all you have to do is to recharge your sim with N1200 and not N1500 then dial the code, you are good to go
The message is clear! You don’t need any tweak or so. You don’t need to download any Psiphon of a stuff, you don’t have to change your IMEI to get this bundle. Just recharge your Airtel Sim with N1500 and dial *440*161# that is all. And remember that it is valid for 30 days only!
And after subscribing to the data bundle, you can check your data balance at any time, simply by dialing *123*10# or *140# – And also, it works on Sim Card, it doesn’t select sim card, it doesn’t make use of ONLY old or new sim but it is valid for all sim card.
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Sunday, 25 June 2017

How To Recover Your Over-Scratched MTN Recharge Card Via MyMTN App

How To Recover Your Over-Scratched MTN Recharge Card Via MyMTN App

Have you ever lost your recharge card when scratching the silver panel? It’s usually painful and gives bad mood especially if you have purchased it with the last money on you. I could remember when this happened to me last year, I bought a pack of N200 MTN card and eventually I fall victim of the rain and when I finally got home I made efforts to sun-dry it but unfortunately I could only recharge two out of the ten recharge card in a pack. All my efforts to retrieve the recharge card through customer care proved abortive. Imagine what could have happen if it’s now. Lol
Like I have said, it’s usually painful when you mistakenly scratched the digits on your recharge card but here is good news for you. This time around there is no need for you to call customer care neither need of contacting them on social medias as the solution has now been provided in the popular official MyMTN app.

MyMTN app is a popular MTN self service tool that helps you to manage your line even without customer care interventions but here is how to use the app to recover your over-scratched recharge card.
How To Use MyMTN App To Recover Over-Scratched Recharge Card
1. Firstly, visit Playstore, download and install the MyMTN app on your phone.
2. Login your account or register an account, if you don't have.
3. Tap on 'Load over-scratched card' option.
4. Enter the incomplete 'Digits of the scratch card'.
5. Enter the 'Serial number of the over-scratched card'.
6. Enter the 'Phone number' and finally, tap on 'Recovery'.
Immediately, your full recharge card pin would be sent to you via SMS and you can then load it or use it for whatever you want to use it for.
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Note that the above only applicable to MTN users only therefore if you’re using other networks like Airtel, Glo or Etisalat you cannot recover you over-scratched card through the above procedures but probably if your network provider decided to released their own app.
Below is a video tutorial from MTN on how to recover your over-scratched recharge card through the using of MyMTN app.
For comments, questions or suggestions kindly drop it in the comment box below for quick response.

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Fero Pad 8 Gold
Fero Pad 8 is the 2nd of Pad Series. Pad 8 is the successor of Fero Pad 7. It is a 4G LTE tablet with voice calling and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This is the first Fero Pad with 4G Network.
Pad 8 tablet has an 8-inch IPS display screen with up to 16M colours and a resolution of 1200*800 pixels. The device screen sports up to 16M colours.
Runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a 1.3GHz quad-core processor. The tablet has MediaTek chipset, an MTK8735. With 1GB RAM and the quad-core processor provide lots of juice.
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Why Offsite Data Backup Is Necessary

Organizations over the world know about the idea of getting nearby, or on location reinforcement. Documents can inadvertently get erased, equipment or server disappointments can happen, and your main goal basic information is probably going to either get harmed, or totally vanished in light of occurrences, for example, these. Nearby information reinforcement clears a path for lost information to be procured again through crisis information recuperation. Such crisis PC bolster assumes a generous part in helping organizations spare themselves from getting destructed on numerous occasions.

In any case, the truth is that depending only on location reinforcement accompanies its arrangement of basic vulnerabilities. For example, there is the fundamental supposition that the neighborhood perpetually going to remain safe from catastrophic events and incidents. Be that as it may, what do you believe will happen to your information on the off chance that a neighborhood calamity, for example war, damage, or fear based oppression, or even catastrophic events, for example, fire, seismic tremors or tornadoes strike? For cases, for example, these, it is fundamental for you to consider going up against off-site information reinforcement.

The fundamental objective of off-site information reinforcement is that of putting a few or the greater part of your information for reinforcement purposes somewhere else - some place that it will be thoroughly out of damage's way. Talking when all is said in done, offsite reinforcement frameworks remotely store critical business information at a safe area far from the business premises. When you go up against offsite information reinforcement, you can even have it spared naturally by setting up a booked reinforcement. Each and every PC that is on your business arrange is essentially given the capacity to get to the went down information.

Why does information should be moved down offsite?

Ever seen how we regularly have a tendency to move down our own documents? Be it recordings, photographs or music, we need to keep them all protected. Similar holds for organizations that need to protect their most critical information documents. After being stores offsite, there is never again the danger that normal or even man-made catastrophes will have the capacity to wipe it off from business records.

The truth is that leaving imperative records spared at the organization's principle database is inclined to make the business end up plainly powerless against dangers like information burglary. Yes, if your system's server succumbs to information burglary, there is a decent shot that the greater part of your money related records and other correlated data will be stolen by programmers. Be that as it may, when you stick to offsite information reinforcement, you, as a business, get security against both information misfortune, and information robbery.

The best part about offsite move down and information recuperation is that these administrations are greatly financially savvy. Alongside information reinforcement, you can likewise take up level rate information recuperation. This implies regardless of the brand, model, or size of the fizzled equipment, paying little respect to how the information has got lost, one "level" rate will cover its recuperation - no time will be squandered on assessments, diagnostics and value transactions. It is prescribed that you have an offsite and on location reinforcement. For more data on reinforcements contact your neighborhood IT administrations organization or nearby technical support fellow.
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Friday, 23 June 2017

History Of The Internet Of Things

We've been entranced with contraptions that capacity on a more fabulous scale for a considerable length of time (think spy motion picture sort stuff) - yet it's just been in the previous quite a while that we've seen the IoT's actual potential. The idea developed as remote Internet turned out to be more inescapable, installed sensors developed in refinement and individuals started understanding that innovation could be an individual device and additionally an expert one.

The expression "Web of Things" was begat in the late 1990s by business visionary Kevin Ashton. Ashton, who's one of the authors of the Auto-ID Center at MIT, was a piece of a group that found how to interface items to the Internet through a RFID tag. He said he initially utilized the expression "Web of Things" in an introduction he made in 1999 - and the term has stuck around from that point onward.

Why is the Internet of Things vital?

You may be astounded to figure out what number of things are associated with the Internet, and how much monetary advantage we can get from dissecting the subsequent information streams. Here are a few cases of the effect the IoT has on businesses:

• Intelligent transport arrangements accelerate activity streams, lessen fuel utilization, organize vehicle repair calendars and spare lives.

• Smart electric networks all the more effectively associate sustainable assets, enhance framework unwavering quality and charge clients in light of littler use increases.

• Machine observing sensors analyze - and foresee - pending upkeep issues, close term part stockouts, and even organize support group plans for repair gear and provincial needs.

• Data-driven frameworks are being incorporated with the foundation of "savvy urban communities," making it simpler for districts to run squander administration, law implementation and different projects all the more productively.

Be that as it may, likewise consider the IoT on a more individual level. Associated gadgets are advancing from business and industry to the mass market. Consider these conceivable outcomes:

• You're low on drain. When you're en route home from work, you get an alarm from your fridge reminding you to stop by the store.

• Your home security framework, which as of now empowers you to remotely control your locks and indoor regulators, can chill off your home and open your windows, in view of your inclinations.

Read the TDWI answer, to figure out how the Internet of Things is changing how associations function.

Who's utilizing it?

The IoT is something beyond a comfort for buyers. It offers new wellsprings of information and business working models that can support profitability in an assortment of enterprises.

Human services

Many individuals have officially received wearable gadgets to enable screen to exercise, rest and other wellbeing propensities - and these things are just touching the most superficial layer of how IoT impacts human services. Persistent observing gadgets, electronic records and other shrewd frill can help spare lives.


This is one of the ventures that advantages from IoT the most. Information gathering sensors inserted in industrial facility apparatus or distribution center racks can impart issues or track assets continuously, making it simple to work all the more proficiently and minimize expenses.


Both buyers and stores can profit by IoT. Stores, for instance, may utilize IoT for stock following or security purposes. Buyers may wind up with customized shopping encounters through information gathered by sensors or cameras.

Broadcast communications

The broadcast communications industry will be altogether affected by the IoT since it will be accused of keeping every one of the information the IoT employments. Advanced mobile phones and other individual gadgets must have the capacity to keep up a solid association with the Internet for the IoT to work adequately.


While autos aren't at the purpose of driving themselves, they're without a doubt more innovatively progressed than any time in recent memory. The IoT likewise impacts transportation on a bigger scale: conveyance organizations can track their armada utilizing GPS arrangements. What's more, roadways can be observed through sensors to guard them as could be allowed.


Brilliant meters not just gather information consequently, they make it conceivable to apply examination that can track and oversee vitality utilize. In like manner, sensors in gadgets, for example, windmills can track information and utilize prescient displaying to plan downtime for more productive vitality utilize.

Useful Managers, IT Professionals, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Post Graduates and Graduates can go to a Free Workshop on IoT.

IoT Workshop Goals Includes:

• Providing fundamental information on the working of IoT.

• Giving data about how IoT can interface the greater part of the physical protests viably.

• Scope for business openings with IoT
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Diamond Magic Cash

Magic Cash

Diamond Magic Cash* is a card-less service that empowers you to use Diamond ATMs without your debit card.

How It Works
Register for this service at any of our branches or call our Contact Centre on 0700-300-0000Text ATM to 30811 from the registered mobile number maintained on your account to generate a six digit magic code Go to any Diamond Bank ATM and select the Magic Cash option Enter your registered mobile number with prefix +234Enter the six digit Magic Code you received on your registered mobile number Create and confirm your Magic PIN (4 digits) and proceed to transact (you will need to create the Magic PIN during the first transaction alone as you will only have to key it in for subsequent transactions).

Feel The Magic

Simply walk up to any Diamond ATM, feel the magic and share the magical experience with your family and friends. It’s safe and secure!
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Thursday, 22 June 2017


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Disabling bloatware and apps on Android Phone has been an act I advise Android users to practice consistently when you discover your device hangs due to low phone RAM and memory usage.
Before I kick off with this tutorial, I would like you to understand two words you will come across in this tutorial. “Uninstall” and “Disable
Uninstall Android Apps
Whenever you come across the word “Uninstall“, this means that the app(s) was downloaded and installed on your device. Clicking on the “Uninstall” button completely removes the app from your device. When you see the word “Disable” there is two method there has an Android app. Nonetheless, bloatware that comes pre-loaded on your device will undoubtedly need to be Disabled not uninstall.
Bloatware apps usually need to be “disabled.” A disabled app is still technically installed on your device, however, it can’t run and it won’t appear in your application drawer. In every practical sense, the application is no more.
NOTE: Disabling an app doesn’t require root access or any fancy hacking. It’s a feature built into Android to help you combat bloatware.

How to Disable Bloatwares on your Android Phone

The easiest way to remove bloatware is to go where all of your apps are listed.
How to Disable Bloatwares on your Android Phones
  1. Open Settings > Apps
  2. Select the app you want to remove
  3. You’ll see two buttons: Force stop and Disable (or Uninstall)
  4. Tap Disable (or Uninstall)
  5. Select YES
That’s it! It’s a good idea to Force stop the app and Clear Data while you’re on the app info page. To re-enable an app, simply visit the app page again and tap Enable.
Some phones will allow you to uninstall or disable apps directly from the app drawer. Samsung and LG phones have this feature built-in to the default home screen launcher. To should work something like this:
  1. Open the app drawer to see all of your apps
  2. Tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right
  3. Select Edit
  4. Tap the minus icon on any app you’d like to Disable or Uninstall
  5. Tap DONE
These methods will work for most bloatware apps, but you may run across apps that can’t even be disabled. It’s usually not a good idea to remove those apps. However, there is a way to do it if you root your device.
Hope you learnt one or two tips from this tutorial? you have any contribution or question, kindly use the comment box below
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Gionee M6S Plus was announced yesterday in China. The Gionee M6S plus slightly picks up from where its predecessor the Gionee M6 Plus left. Hence, you can accurately describe the M6S Plus with the phrase “Monster unlimited” or “Monstrosity extended”. Sporting a metal frame the device carries a 6.0 AMOLED display.

Under the hood, you will find a 6GB RAM (2GB more than the M6 Plus) matched with an expandable 64GB/256GB internal memory. Still for running processes, the device has Qualcomm SnapDragon 653 chipset on board. With these specs, you should have zero lag running basic applications alone or simultaneously.
For pictures and videos, the device comes with an 8MP front snapper and a 12MP rear camera with 1/9 aperture paired with LED flash. You also get the monstrous 6,020mAh battery powering the device. Although, it would have been nice to see Gionee move up the cadre in terms battery size with this one. Anyways, it is certain they will. That said, you will find every other feature of the M6 Plus on the M6S Plus, including, fingerprint sensor, 4 LTE connectivity, WiFi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS and much more.

The Gionee M6S Plus will go on sale in China; 2 May through The 64GB unit will cost €575/$508 (well over a 150k) and the 256GB model will go for €468/$624 (well over 170k regardless of the exchange rate).
Yep, that is just about everything on the Gionee M6S Plus. What are your thoughts on the device? Is it a necessary upgrade? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.
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